A digital voltmeter using 8051 microcontroller

This meter is capable of measuring voltage ranging from 0 to 30V and current ranging from 0 to 5A. Slowly increase the analog input voltage by varying the pot, now you can observe that both multimeter and LCD displays the same voltages so that we can say that voltmeter is working properly.

The reset pin of the microcontroller is kept active till the power supply is in the specified range and a minimum oscillation level is maintained. As shown in figure below. Place the obstacle in front the ultrasonic module, now you can observe the distance on LCD.

Each chip drives 8-digit 7-sement LED. The conversion time of this IC depends on clock source. Once the code is written, we saved it with. The source code listing is shown in Figure 5. ADC module of pic microcontroller converts analog signal into binary numbers.

The display board schematic. In case you are using a controller other than AT89S51 — please be sure to check the hardware of your controller and compare it with that of AT89S Limitations of the Circuit This system is not able to measure longer distances.

We have tested all of these projects in our lab and verified the working. Let us see the prototype of the meter in Figure 1. Voltage divider circuit using resistor is used to step down dc voltage appearing across analog to digital converter pin of PIC16FA microcontroller.

Digital Voltmeter Using 8051

Here we select the Kiel uVision software to write the program in C language. The microcontroller generates a kHz clock for both DVM chips using timer2. Once password is entered, it displays 5 stars on LCD to indicate that controller read password successfully.

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Now we need to enter the password using the keypad. The washing machine is a great appliance. Angle measurement is 30 degrees 4. Here we select a 10K resistor and a 10uF electrolyte capacitor. In order to provide regulated 5V DC voltage to the controller we need to use power supply circuit.

I thought the lab should provide the generic instrument that student can use it for many experiments. A crystal oscillator is used to provide external clock signal to the microcontroller. Figure 4 shows the display board schematic using MAX Hence by using these values in above formula: BC in smd package triac snubber ac motor SM1L43 triacs bt 12 Triac ACS controlling heater with triac washing machine drain valve types universal motor speed control wash ac motor control with triac Text: The speed of the ultrasonic pulse is nothing but the speed of sound which is In the next step, we use Proteus software to draw the circuit.

This yearalmost 29 Years, the classic integrating type analog to digital converter is still interested. There are also 20A and 30A version of this chip available. Initially burn the program to the microcontroller 2.

In order to provide regulated 5V DC voltage to the controller we need to use power supply circuit. The clock signal for 50Hz rejection is kHz kHz for 60Hz. Here, the distance can be measured using pulse echo method. A sale on internet is increasing now a day as the customer takes the advantage of low prices by the wholesaler retailing the product.

2 Digit 7-Segment Up Down Counter Project using 8051 Microcontroller

This sensor can measure current up to 5A. After some delay again ask to enter password. Larger, more complex applications are easily handled by the PSoC 5least until someone changes the specs. Have you ever bothered to create one? This crystal oscillator is connected between pin 18 and 19 of the microcontroller.Password Based Door Lock System using Microcontroller Traditional lock systems using mechanical lock and key mechanism are being replaced by new advanced techniques of locking system.

These techniques are an integration of mechanical and electronic devices and highly intelligent. Digital Voltmeter using Microcontroller In this section, we are going to make a digital voltmeter using microcontrollers.

A digital voltmeter can display the numerical value of the voltage on a display by use of analog to digital converter (ADC). Mar 13,  · The post provides simple Digital Meter project code using assembly for micro-controller. This project mainly focusing on designing condition circuits and demonstrating a use of Analog to Digital Converter (ADC).

Nov 16,  · Digital thermometer using Digital out of the ADC (D0 to D7) are connected to P1 (P to P) of the microcontroller. This is the line through which the microcontroller. Here we develop an electronic code lock system using microcontroller, which provides control to the actuating the load.

It is a simple embedded system with input from the keyboard and the output being actuated accordingly. Sep 25,  · DIGITAL VOLTMETER USING MICROCONTROLLER - Circuit Simulation Video samoilo15.com This project measures the input voltage from 0V to 5V.

A digital voltmeter using 8051 microcontroller
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