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Through his self-portraits van Gogh communicated his pain and sorrow to the viewer, creating lasting monuments to his chronic sadness as well as to his phenomenal talent. Your research paper will be written from scratch.

Research Paper on Van Gogh

What are we investigating? An example of this is his Self-Portrait in Front of the Easela painting which captures van Gogh just prior to a major decline in mental health.

Laatste reacties Wendy FeldbergThe hidden flowers remind me of mimosa. His hair is close-shaven, but a careful inspection reveals the use of chaotic brushstrokes, indicating that his hair is "unkempt and neglected" Crispino His face is gaunt and indeed "pale," and his eyes have a haunted, almost weary look.

This sense of mental distress is communicated vividly by the painter's self-portrait.

Research Paper on Van Gogh

Throughout his childhood van Gogh suffered from a "highly strung, over-sensitive temperament" which contributed to his sense of isolation and loneliness Barnes 8. However, refusing to see art as a commodity, he was dismissed. Just visit our website and fill in the order form with all research paper details: His skin tone is vibrant and healthy, his face full and well-formed.

Vincent Van Gogh research paper Essay

Unfortunately, times of peace and inner contentment were relatively short-lived for van Gogh. He wears a kind of blue overcoat similar to those seen in so many of his self-portraits, the now-familiar white shirt peeking out from above the collar.

In addition, he studied Japanese prints, English engravings, etc.

Vincent Vangogh

However, van Gogh was not limited to the use of his self-portraits to capture his mental states during opposing periods of relative contentment and deep mental anguish.

In fact, the dominant color in this self-portrait is a gray-white tone which communicates a sense of despair or impending trouble. Gauguin's three- month stay placed great stress on van Gogh, as the two argued incessantly.

Then Van Gogh decided to become a pastor, but he failed a theology exam. One of them was the cause of his suicide at the age of 37 years. Surely this is a reflection of van Gogh's mental state at the time. Van Gogh grew up in a family of the old bourgeoisie.

Inin a letter he wrote to his brother, Theo, telling him that he walked 43 miles to visit Jules Breton, a leading artist, to show Jules his drawings. Van Gogh lived during the time of inventions such as the telephone, by Alexandar Graham Bell, and the electric light bulb, by Thomas Edison Spence, Nowhere are van Gogh's transitions from times of great optimism and feverish energy to periods of misery and psychotic depression more eloquently expressed than in his self-portraits.

What are we investigating?

His talented use of technique, color and facial expression allow him to speak to us of his private torment so many years after his passing away. Your research paper will be written from scratch.Research Paper Vincent Vangogh and over other 29,+ free term papers, essays and research papers examples are available on the website!

Autor: Van Gogh lived during the time of inventions such as the telephone, by Alexandar Graham Bell, and the electric light bulb, by Thomas Edison (Spence, ). Vincent grew up in a small community 4/4(1).

What are we investigating?

Van Gogh’s Studio Practice In his drawings and paintings, Vincent van Gogh experimented with a variety of materials and techniques.

His choice of certain supports (canvas, panel, board or paper), grounds, pigments and. [tags: Artist Art Biography Van Gogh] Research Papers words ( pages) Analyzing Cafe at Night Painted by Vincent Van Gogh Essay - Analyzing Cafe at Night Painted by Vincent Van Gogh I have chosen to write my paper on painting titled “Café at Night” by Vincent Van Gogh.

Since this picture is a very popular one, I might have seen it a. Professionally written papers on this topic: A Psychological Biography of Vincent Van Gogh This 6 page paper describes the psychopathology of one of history's most remembered artists.

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Van gogh research paper
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